The Good News of Jesus is far too wonderful to keep to ourselves!

We aim to pass this on in both word and action.

Wider in Our Welcome

We want to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. St Mark’s is a great place to find that GOD welcomes all with the life transforming love we find in Jesus.

Children and Families

We love to stay together as a whole Church Family wherever possible and at the same time we also provide great groups for children during our family praise services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays . There is always a Crèche available (with ability to hear the talk) for those who need this.

Sunday Service

We have a vision at St Mark’s to grow as a united, loving, intergenerational Church family where everyone is welcome and growing in their love and knowledge of God.

Whats On at St Marks

Verse of the Day

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